TV & radio: what to tune in to next week (13-19 January 2018)

Can't decide which shows to watch or listen to next week? Here are 10 programmes you won't want to miss...

(Image Credit: BBC/Atlantic Productions/© Royal Collection Trust/ Her Majesty Qu

The Coronation. (Image Credit: BBC/Atlantic Productions/© Royal Collection Trust/ Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2018)

Archive On 4: Frankenstein Lives! 
Radio 4
Saturday 13 January, 8.00pm
Marking the bicentenary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Christopher Frayling charts how a story that’s been endlessly adapted and reworked has become a creation myth for our age. From Monday 15 January, Book Of The Week: In Search Of Mary Shelley (9.45am, Radio 4) features readings from Fiona Sampson’s biography of the writer.

Pick of the week

The Coronation 
Sunday 14 January, 8.00pm
Queen Elizabeth doesn’t grant interviews, but here she remembers her 1953 coronation with Alastair Bruce. The monarch also recalls seeing her own father being crowned and discusses wearing St Edward’s Crown, the centrepiece of the Crown Jewels, for the only time in her life.  
How To Survive The Roman Empire, By Pliny And Me 
Radio 4
Monday 15 January, 10.45am & 7.45pm
Inspired by the letters of lawyer and magistrate Pliny, Hattie Naylor’s comedy of domestic life in first-century Rome returns. In the first of five weekday episodes, the standard of Doris’s cooking has declined following her lover’s death at the Coliseum, and Pliny plans a shopping trip. 

Great British Railway Journeys. (Image Credit: BBC/ Boundless)

Great British Railway Journeys 
Monday 15 January, 6.30pm
Michael Portillo heads out on the rails again, with a journey from East Yorkshire to Caernarfon. In the first of five weekday episodes, he visits the docks in Hull, hears how the future Edward VII became embroiled in scandal following a game of cards, and hears the story of how German warships bombarded Scarborough in 1914.
Moving Pictures
Radio 4
Tuesday 16 January, 11.30am
The series where Cathy FitzGerald looks in detail at artworks returns with another three episodes. She begins with a patchwork bedcover now held at the V&A and which depicts day-to-day life in Regency England. Visit the show’s website to access high-resolution images of the artworks being discussed.
Making History 
Radio 4
Tuesday 16 January, 3.30pm
What did the Romans eat? In a bid to learn more Helen Castor heads for Wales where new research is revealing a diet partly shaped by trade and complex supply chains. Elsewhere, as the ever-excellent history magazine show continues, Hester Cant explores the history of British street food culture.
Art, Passion And Power: The Story Of The Royal Collection 
BBC Four
Tuesday 16 January, 9.00pm
In a four-part series, Andrew Graham-Dixon explores the history of the Royal Collection, made up of treasures collected by Britain’s monarchs over the past 500 years. He begins with artworks acquired by two of the collection’s founders, Henry VIII and Charles I. 
A Stitch In Time 
BBC Four
Wednesday 17 January, 8.30pm
The series about the history of clothing and fashion continues with historian Amber Butchart wanting to know more about what working people would have worn in the 18th century. A portrait of a shabby hedge-cutter dressed in a much-patched jacket offers clues. 

A House Through Time. (Image Credit: BBC/Twenty Twenty Productions Ltd/Stuart Elliott)

A House Through Time 
BBC Two 
Thursday 18 January, 9.00pm
David Olusoga once again uses the individual stories of those who lived at a Liverpool house as a way to illuminate wider British history. Between 1891 and 1945, residents included the Snewings, a family of saddlers, and, during the Second World War, a docker who had a secret to keep. 
Sky Atlantic
Thursday 18 January, 9.00pm
It’s 43 AD and, 90 years after Julius Caesar paid a visit, the Romans are returning to Britain. And this time they plan to stay. From Jez and Tom Butterworth, this expensive new drama has a rather hallucinatory quality, but it’s certainly entertaining. A starry cast includes David Morrissey and Mackenzie Crook.
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